We need 8 billion euros
to save the planet

The cost of the future of mankind is less than the price of
Trumps wall.

Academy professor Markku Kulmala is the leading researcher in atmospheric aerosol science. His research focuses on the formation of small particles in the atmosphere and the interaction of forests and the climate. Kulmala has been active in making new international initiatives e.g. to solve global challenges, to improve comprehensive continuous measurement networks all around the world, and to solve air quality – climate change interactions.

The backbone of Kulmala’s research consists of SMEAR (Stations for Measuring the forest Ecosystem – Atmosphere Relationships) field stations. These three stations (SMEAR I, Värriö, 1991-; SMEAR II, Hyytiälä, 1994-, Urban SMEAR III, Kumpula, Helsinki, 2004-) have comprehensive scientific programs to investigate aerosol and trace gas concentrations.

The 8 billion euros we need for building a global Earth observatory, consisting of 1,000 or more well-equipped SMEAR stations around the world that track environments and key ecosystems fully and continuously.

The videos and photos I did for a multimedia story for Finnish broadcasting company YLE in 2017.  the original feature can be found here