Juuso Westerlund

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Studio address

> Lemuntie 6,
> 00510 Helsinki


> Institute Artist / Matt Shonfeld
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Like the heat when you enter a sauna, Juuso Westerlund’s images are overwhelmingly intense and weird, sometimes grimly cold, yet warm.

It´s the rare kind of photography where you just have to see another one, and another one, and when you think you recognise something you are only thrown into another scene from a daily life situation that you most likely haven´t seen before, at least not photographed. Not like this. 

The photographs reveal a never ending curiosity and love of people, joy of the absurd and surreal. Never boring. And in the quest for defining oneself. And never letting go of that youthful lightness, carelessness and joy of getting oneself into weird, wonderful places. Into the rabbit hole, or that divy karaoke bar. Intensely looking, living – and as a byproduct, telling. What ever that means.

Juuso Westerlund mainly works on personal projects. He shoots for various magazines i.e. WSJ, Guardian Weekend, Monocle, M le Monde and The Wire and his work has been presented in the New York Times, Vice, GUP, Internazionale and Slate Magazine, among others.

He also sings in a choir.

Westerlund is a member of the Moment Agency Collective. He is represented by the Institute Artist.