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This is what it looks and sounds like when a middle-aged maverick leaves everything on the track. Cooper test: run as far as possible within 12 minutes. Horrible 12 minutes every Finnish student had to suffer through in the 80’s or 90’s, every single semester.

The Cooper test is video from my short documentary “Children of Paradise”. It is a part of “Almost Perfect”, a photography & film project by the Nordic photographers’ collective Moment, in collaboration with curator Susanne Fessé. In Almost Perfect we explore the polarized images of our home countries in six unique photographic projects. Each project takes a starting point in one or several of the traits that we see as defining for the Nordic societies: equality, individualism, appearance, style,secularism, the welfare state and our connection with nature. Each artist interprets their chosen theme in light of these core values to reflect today’s realities in the Nordic countries.

In my documentary I run, play flute and examine the necessity of the welfare state in the Nordics.

Watch me suffer!

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